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Engagement Ring Guide

It’s what she’s dreamed about her whole life. It’s what will be a part of every outfit and moment for the rest of her life. If you’ve found the one, there’s a lot of pressure to buy the perfect engagement ring. It isn’t every day you get down on one knee and pop the biggest question of your relationship. We’re not talking about what you should get for dinner by the way! Proposing is a big deal, so we’re here to help you through every step of buying an engagement ring in Central Minnesota.

Engagement ring shopping can be broken down into five simple steps:

Establishing a Budget

Establishing a Budget

When it comes to the ancient rules of buying an engagement ring, you can throw the 2-month salary “norm” out the window. Only you can define your ideal budget.
If you have the means to splurge on an extravagant ring right now, that’s great. But if you don’t, that’s okay too. The only thing less appealing than finding the wrong ring is straining your finances over one. You may feel like you should wait and spend time-saving in order to have the perfect proposal. But why wait to start the next chapter of your love story when you don’t have to?

Establish a realistic budget for yourself, be transparent with your sales associate about it, and they will provide the styles she’ll love that won’t break the bank. And remember, an engagement ring can be customized in the future if you’re ready to be engaged now but your finances aren’t ready for her dream ring. We do diamond upgrades for couples who’ve been married for years, or even decades, all the time! Plus, we offer several payment options, including Special Financing for 12 months with approved credit. So, don’t feel like you have to sacrifice date night in favor of boxed mac and cheese in order to save every last penny.

Selecting the Center Stone: The 4 C’s

One of the most important steps in buying an engagement ring is selecting the diamond!
This will be the first thing that sparkles in your partner’s eye when you get down on one knee and open that tiny box. If you don’t know the first thing about diamonds, don’t worry – we’ve got you covered! Explore D.J. Bitzan’s short and sweet guide to buying diamonds and learn everything you’ll need to know about finding the perfect diamond for your significant other.

D.J. Bitzan truly stands out from the crowd in Central Minnesota by offering over 800 real diamond rings IN STOCK! This means you can discover your various diamond options and find the perfect ring the same day you start your search. It makes the process much faster because you won’t have to wait for the real thing to be shipped in. This is huge because it shortens your timeline from shopping to her saying “Yes!”

The 4 Cs

Choose the Setting

Choose the Setting

While the diamond is the crown of the ring, the setting is the rest of the outfit.
You’ll want to make sure the setting you choose enhances the center stone and reflects your partner’s style. Does she prefer yellow, white, or rose gold? Is she inspired by vintage fashion and jewelry or does she love clean, contemporary lines? You may want to know the answers to these questions before you start shopping for a setting since many popular styles, such as the Halo engagement ring, can vary dramatically in their look and feel from one design to the next. Our team of experts can help you navigate this part of the process and make recommendations based on what you DO know! Our suggestion for getting this intel on the sly? Check her Pinterest for her secret Engagement Ring board or enlist the help of her mom, sister, or best friend to pry all the details out of her without revealing that you’re planning to pop the question.

Surprising your significant other with the perfect ring is no small feat but with the tips above and the last trick up our sleeve, you’ll be on your way to the big day!

The most common snafu in buying an engagement ring is not knowing the size of your partner’s ring finger. The best way to overcome the challenge of getting this important detail is to take one of your partner’s rings for reference. It is best to take one they don’t normally wear, so they won’t notice it’s gone.

Can’t sneak one away from her? Slip a ring she wears on her ring finger off her hand under the pretense of playing with it. Slide it on your own finger and note where it fits snugly but comfortably, then have this part of your finger measured when you visit us to shop for the engagement ring. This will keep the element of surprise alive, and it’ll make that moment even more special when the ring slides right on with ease after she says “YES!”.

We also have three expert goldsmiths on standby ready to adjust the ring right after the proposal! If you don’t know the size, don’t panic. We’re here to help!

Our top tip for the engagement ring shopping process?

Don’t stress; this is one of the happiest times of your life! We’re here to help make sure you’re confident that you get the perfect ring and we know she’ll love it no matter what because it symbolizes forever with you.